Justin Black | CEO

His experience spans over the past two decades and multiple industries, such as insurance, finance, travel, payment, health technology, and real estate. He is a forward thinker and innovation strategist with exceptional experience in bringing products and services to market. He is passionate about positively changing lives and helping others focus on creating their best lives.

Jason Linton | Co-Founder

He began his IT career right out of high school, where he immediately had to establish a level of trust typically not bestowed on someone his age. Jason began proving his value in large corporate sectors that demanded the highest security clearance, banking, finance, medical offices, and law firms. He continued to establish his own firm, which was sold in 2012 when he transitioned into the development of independent projects that were of interest.

Jordan Benjamin | President

Jordan is the President and creative force behind Centavizer. With over a decade of leadership experience solving complex problems in both established and emerging markets. As a scientist, medical provider, and serial entrepreneur, Jordan is always thinking of creative, fun, and impactful ways to change the world through new and innovative technologies.

Chuck Durham | CTO

Chuck is a visionary leader with over three decades of software development experience. He has honed his expertise in both people management and technology innovation, making him an invaluable asset. Throughout his career, Chuck has worked with industry-leading companies such as Papa John’s, Hertz, Verizon, MapQuest, Home Depot, and Armstrong World Industries. With his deep understanding of people and technology, and out-of-the-box thinking, Chuck enables us to solve even the most challenging business and development problems.

Rick Pace | CMO

Rick is passionate in non-traditional experiential marketing. Rick developed the first field marketing division at an agency where he successfully launched unique branding; experiential initiatives for local and national brand teams. Prior, he spent over six years in Broadcasting as Promotions Manager for a worldwide network’s 21 cluster radio and TV stations, and spent more than eight years in the music/entertainment industry marketing for a vast number artists while co-founding a Marketing Consulting business, working with brands such as: MTV, Vogue Magazine, Elle Girl Magazine (NYC), Miramax Films, Coke, Relay For Life and MS Society.