Returns & Refunds Policy

General Terms:
Centavizer reserves the right to update the rules when necessary, and the updated version will be published on with immediate effect. If you refuse to accept the policy, you are deemed to have waived the use of the services provided by Centavizer immediately. All buyers or suppliers are deemed to accept the rules if they are using the services provided by Centavizer. Supplier or Merchant would publish their own Return & Refund Policy if different on the product detail page. Centavizer’s policy shall prevail in case of conflict with supplier or merchant’s policy.
For after-sales issues, buyers should file a return & refund request within 30 days of the delivery date (except several suppliers or merchant whose after-sales period states differently). The period of Return & Refund request filed exceeds 30 days, the supplier or merchant reserves the right not to provide any after-sales service after that time.

Before an order is shipped out, the buyer has the right to apply to cancel the order by clicking the “request refund” button in Centavizer mobile app, or by contacting Centavizer customer service at to cancel the order.
If the supplier or merchant cannot fulfill the buyer’s order within the order processing time indicated on Centavizer’s product page, under the condition, but not limited to no stock or other conditions, the supplier or merchant has the right to cancel and refund the order.
If the buyer receives goods damaged or broken and applies for a refund with compelling evidence, and the goods need to be returned, the supplier or merchant has the responsibility to offer the buyer a prepaid return label within 3 business days to return damaged/broken goods.
Centavizer shall not require supplier or merchant to accept after-sale request for “non-defective remorse returns”, supplier or merchant has the right to accept or reject the request as his policy show as on the Centavizer product page. Centavizer will abide by the supplier or merchant’s policy under this condition.

Centavizer shall not require or demand suppliers or merchant’s on warranty, like whether to provide warranty or not, or the way of warranty handling with.
Once the buyer submits the after-sales request, the buyer needs to provide evidence and/or description to the supplier or merchant or Centavizer. If the buyer cannot provide compelling evidence within the order after-sales period policy indicated, the supplier or merchant or Centavizer has the right to reject the return and refund request.

When encountering holidays, covid-19, abnormal weather, or other abnormal situations, the buyer shall contact or contact the supplier or merchant through their Centavizer account with the order “Contact Message” option to solve the goods or logistics issue.

Special notes about our return policy:
Supplier’s and/or Merchant’s are no longer accepting buyer’s remorse returns (unless specifically stated differently in checkout page) due to the misuse on major sales channels such as Amazon.
A return request will only be approved if there was an issue with the item (damaged, defective, mis-shipped item, etc.)
Returns will no longer be accepted due to buyer’s remorse or the customer no longer wanting the product.