It pays to live healthy.

Earn Centz for healthy movement & sleep, redeemable for online and local goods and services you purchase everyday.

What is Centavizer?

Connect your fitness tracker, smart watch or smartphone to earn Centz while you move, walk and sleep.
Redeem Centz for purchases in the marketplace and at thousands of local and national merchants.

Works With Your Existing Devices

Centavizer works with all of the popular activity trackers available today, including Fitbit, Apple Watches,  to your iPhones, and any device that integrates with Apple Fitness, Samsung Health, and Google Fit accounts.

Earn Real Cash Value

Your good sleep, activity and fitness routines and habits earn Centz, that you can use at our marketplace or with participating brand partners and retail stores.  Here’s just a small list of participating partners. 

Get Healthy And Stay Wealthy!

Your healthly habits won’t just save money, they earn you money. Watch your waistline shrink while your Centz bank account grows!.

Meet our Team!

The Centavizer team has decades of experience with a diverse range of expertise. From health and finance, to tech and marketing, we’ve done it all. Read more about us and get to know our crew!

Centavizer pays you for your healthy habits.
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Sounds cool, but what’s in it for you?

Centivizer is FREE for consumers.  Our participating merchants and retail partners pay a small fee only when you claim your offers.  We’re on a mission to connect health conscious consumers with health conscious businesses to create a healthier planet. We built Centavizer from the ground up to make it easy and fun to stay healthy.

It Pays to Get Fit!

Get rewarded for healthy habits in just three steps!

Integrates your fitness tracker

Centavizer works with most trackers on the market, from Fitbit to Samsung or intergrate through Apple Fitness or Google Fit.

Earn Centz while sleeping, walking and moving.

Centavizer keeps track of your sleep, steps and activity, depositing credits into your Centz Bank for you to use with participating merchants and brand partners.

Get Healthy!

Healthy habits = healthy body, waistline and bank account when you save money with everyday purchases.

Set Up Your Free Account

Start earning in seconds! Download the Centavizer app and start earning Centz.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

Redeem Centz with any of our thousands of participating retail or online stores listed in our marketplace. If you don’t see your favorite brand listed yet, don’t worry. More are being added every week.

No. You can redeem your Centz whenever you are ready! So, save them up for something special!

To keep your tracking fair, you can only connect one fitness tracker at a time to track your Centz. 

Yes! Just make sure you connect it to the app to keep tracking your Centz.

About Us

We are on a mission to create a healthier planet, by connecting health conscious individuals with merchants and brand partners that share their values. Staying motivated to exercise can be difficult. Centavizer helps you stay motivated and aligned with your goals - every day.

Centavizer rewards you for the small things you do each day, which is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. Our revolutionary business model aligns health conscious consumers with healthy, sustainable businesses to help create a healthier, happier planet. Now, it’s easy and fun to get rewarded for living a healthy lifestyle.

Meet the Co-Founders

Jason began career in technology right out of high school, immediately establishing a level of trust not typically bestowed on someone his age, . Working in large corporate markets sectors that demanded the highest security clearances – including, banking, finance, medical offices, and law firms.

Jason’s first exit was when he sold his own firm , in 2012. Since then he’s, developed multiple independent projects of interest.

Justin’s experience spans multiple industries over the last two decades, and include insurance, finance, travel, payment, health technology, and real estate. A highly regarded forward thinker and innovation strategist, Justin as a proven track record in bringing products and services to market.

He is passionate about positively changing lives and helping others focus on creating their best lives.