Be active.

Be rewarded.

Feel motivated to live a healthier lifestyle and feel the benefit from being rewarded with actual cash value.


What is Centavizer?

Centavizer is the mobile app that connects to your fitness tracker to help you earn Centz that you can use towards purchases at your favorite store or online merchants.

Intergrates with your current fitness tracker

Centavizer works with most trackers on the market, from Fitbit to Samsung or intergrate through Apple Fitness or Google Fit

Generate Centz to use in our marketplace to save money

Centavizer keeps track of your steps and then deposits money onto your Centz Bank for you to use at our marketplace and with participating brand partners.

Get Healthy!

Watch your waistline shrink while your bank account grows…it doesn’t get better than that!

Get rewarded

Check out how it works

To get started earning Centz is easy! Just follow this 3-step process.

Download the app

Download the Centavizer mobile app to your mobile device. We are compatible with both the Apple Store and Google Play.

Set up your FREE account and connect your tracker

After you sign up for a free account, you will be able to then connect it to your fitness tracker to accurately track your steps and sleep.

Convert your steps & sleep into actual $$$

Thats right! Not only does Centavizer track you while you walk, but also while you sleep! So you can earn Centz by doing your daily routines.

Make Money and Get Healthy Today!

Join the many users already making money with Centavizer

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

To add a new question go to Centavizer simply awards cash for your steps. Period. Its finally time to be rewarded for all your effort. Think of it like a virtual coupon. But . . . there are fewer limits as to how and where you can use your CENTZ. app settings and press “Manage Questions” button.

You can redeem your Centz in our marketplace within the app and with participating brand partners.

No. You can redeem your Centz whenever you are ready! So, save them up for something special!

Currently you can only connect one fitness tracker at a time to track your Centz.

Yes! Just make sure you connect it to the app to keep tracking your Centz.