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We want to invite you to be one of the first to be in the know about Centavizer, the platform that rewards you for being physically active.

Get rewarded

Having the motivation to exercise can be difficult. Many people start fitness programs and routines but may stop when they get bored, don't enjoy it, or don’t get results fast enough.

Sometimes the best intentions, like setting an early alarm or packing sneakers in your work bag, aren’t enough to get you moving, especially after a long work day. But we have a solution that will motivate you and earn you rewards in the process.

Centavizer is the incentive you need to get moving.

Centavizer is the new way to reward you for your fitness dedication. This mobile app connects to your fitness tracker and tracks your movement and sleep to reward you with what we call Centz for your steps.

Think of it like a virtual coupon.

As your Centz adds up, the Centavizer app keeps track of your steps and then deposits money onto your Centz Bank for you to use at our marketplace and with participating brand partners.

How it works

To get started earning Centz is easy as this 3-step process:

Download the app

Download the Centavizer mobile app to your mobile device. We are compatible with both the Apple Store and Google Play.

Set up your FREE account and connect your tracker

After signing up for a free account, you can connect it to your fitness tracker to track your steps and sleep accurately.

Convert your steps & sleep into actual $$$

That's right! Not only does Centavizer track you while you walk, but also while you sleep! So you can earn Centz by doing your daily routines.

About the Co-Founders

Jason Linton is field tested as both an Information Technology expert and entrepreneur.

He began his IT career right out of high school, where he immediately had to establish a level of trust typically not bestowed on someone his age. Jason began proving his value in large corporate sectors that demanded the highest security clearance, banking, finance, medical offices, and law firms. He continued to establish his own firm, which was sold in 2012 when he transitioned into the development of independent projects that were of interest.

Justin Black is a highly regarded executive and serial entrepreneur.

His experience spans over the past two decades and multiple industries, such as insurance, finance, travel, payment, health technology, and real estate. He is a forward thinker and innovation strategist with exceptional experience in bringing products and services to market. He is passionate about positively changing lives and helping others focus on creating their best lives.

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