Augment your reality with the Centavizer app

Join the waitlist for Centavizer, the gamified lifestyle app that turns everyday life into an opportunity to be rewarded! Earn Centavizer Centz with every step you take, then redeem them for amazing prizes in brand-sponsored AR treasure hunts and giveaways.

What is Centavizer?

Augmented reality and gamification meet incentive rewards

Centavizer is a gamified lifestyle app that rewards users for healthy activity, exploration, and engagement. Centavizer leverages Niantic’s Lightship augmented reality platform to fill the physical world around you with digital treasure hunts, prize crates, and gamified quests to unlock real rewards sponsored by Centavizer and our brand partners. 

1. Unlock the digital world through augmented reality

Centavizer uses augmented reality and geospatial technology to seamlessly populate the physical world around you with digital vouchers for real prizes including gold bullion, gift cards, vacations, brand-sponsored product giveaways, and more!

2. Gamification makes everyday activities more fun and engaging

Gamification transform everyday tasks and activities into fun and engaging experiences that can be shared with friends, family, and others playing near you

3. Incentive rewards provide real value to users and brands

Brands spend money every day on marketing. Centavizer redirects dollars into prizes for gamified AR treasure hunt giveaways, connecting users and brands and meaningful and rewarding ways through gamified experiential campaigns for sponsored prizes.

Earn sweat equity

Centz, the core currency of the Centavizer rewards ecosystem, are earned through sweat equity. Earn Centz for exploring the world on foot, engaging with AR waypoints, completing quests, interacting with friends, and more. Look for boosters and special earnings events to multiply your rewards!

Think of it like a virtual coupon.

As your steps add up, the Centavizer app keeps track of your steps and deposits your earnings into the vault. Spend your Centz on our marketplace, with participating brand partners, and for tickets to exclusive augmented reality treasure hunt competitions where you can win real prizes worth millions!

Getting started

Start earning in 3 easy steps

1. Download the Centavizer app and setup your free account

Download the Centavizer mobile app to your iOS or Android mobile device from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Sync your account with leading health tracking apps / wearables

Connect your Centavizer account to leading health and fitness tracking apps (Apple and Google Health) or third-party wearables to begin earning Centz. Sign up now to receive retroactive credit for your last 30 days of activity!

3. Convert your movement and activity into rewards

Start earning Centz for your daily steps and activities. Earn bonus Centz for completing quests within the Centavizer app and engaging with friends.

Find boosters to stack rewards

Find or unlock powerful boosters and explore boosted event areas to earn multipliers on Centz and XP

Meet our Team!

The Centavizer team has decades of experience with a diverse range of expertise. From health and finance, to tech and marketing, we’ve done it all. Read more about us and get to know our crew!

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